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Golf :

Normandy is gradually becoming a more and more popular golf destination and is now very accessible due to improved motorway and travel links.

Normandy is a great destination for holiday golf where one can combine golf with other sporting activities, culture and other places of interest.
Amongst the 36 golf courses in Normandy, 12 are situated close to the sea, other golf courses are hidden away in the lush Normandy countryside behind the hills and valleys.
Listed below are some of the courses located in Normandy :

Centre Manche (9 / Par 35) Saint Martin d’Aubigny
Omaha Beach (27 / Par 72) Port en Bessin
Coutainville (18 / Par 68) Agon Coutainville
Granville (27 / Par 71) Breville sur Mer
Caen (18 / Par 72) Bieville-Beuville
Garcelles (18 / Par 70) Garcelles

Fishing :

La Manche is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts due to its regular tidal movements, its gentle sloping beaches and the extent of its coastline.


Beach fishing is usually most successful during the most extreme tides (solstice and equinox) when the sea draws back a long way. Depending on what sort of fish you want to catch and where you are fishing from (sandy or rocky stretch) you will need to equip yourself with a shrimp or landing net for shrimp; knife for oysters, mussels and limpets; claw or rake to fish for clams, cockles and razor-shells; small fork or special spade for smaller clams; fish hook for crabs and lobsters. 

Places have been established in the Marshlands Regional Nature Park for river fishing, a leaflet with maps is available at the local tourist office in Carentan. 

A 2 week Fishing card (Cartes de Peche) enables you to fish in rivers for 2 weeks from June until September and they cost around €30. 
Good information about fishing in Normandy can be found at 

Cycling / Mountain Biking :

La Manche has a vast and picturesque network of cycling routes, ideal for leisurely rides or hiking. Coastal and country routes, short and long criss-cross Manche from Cotentin to the Bay of Mont Saint-Michael.

We will be pleased to provide you with any information you may require on these routes and also the hiring of bikes locally.

There are also several mountain bike tracks in the area ranging from basic skills to the most competent. The following website gives excellent details of all tracks in Manche and Calvados, www.utagawavtt.com .

Football :

Today, football plays a unique role in French society. French players and coaches are highly sought after abroad and the national team has chalked up significant recent victories, including a World Cup and European Championship.

The Championnat de France is the top flight in France and has 2 leagues, Ligue 1 & 2. 

The National Ligue (Championnat National) is the league below the top 2 leagues with all teams vying for promotion to the big time. 

FC Caen is the nearest Ligue 1 team with an excellent modern stadium on the outskirts of the city. Tickets can be purchased on line or at the local Supermarket ticket kiosk. Games are played on Saturday evenings. Please see the official website at 
www.smcaen.fr . 

FC Cherbourg is the nearest National Ligue team with a good stadium in the city. 
Tickets can be purchased from the stadium either before or on the day of the match with games tending to the played on a Friday evening. Please see the official website at 
www.ascherbourg-foot.net . 

We are happy to provide details of forthcoming games and to purchase tickets on your behalf if you fancy taking in a game whilst on holiday.

Horse Riding / Pony Trekking :

Whether you like show jumping, horse racing or pony trekking, Normandy provides excellent facilities for all levels of competence from novice to expert. The abundance of breeders, racecourses and stud farms in the region show the Norman affection for all things equestrian. A good informative website can be found at www.unic.chevalunic.fr.

Local Facilities

The following centre is approx. 10 minutes drive from the Gites and has excellent facilities for all levels. Marie & Pierre speak very good English so you could enquire about your requirements either before you arrive or when you get here.

Centre Equestre de la Minostrande
50190 Marchesieux
Tel : 0033 (0)233 455034


Watersports & Swimming :


With 355 km of coastline, La Manche is one of the principal coastal departments of France and certainly the most diverse. Whether you are looking for exciting activities or just a quiet time among the waves, La Manche offers something for everyone.
Although there are many, the three main Water Sport areas in La Manche are Barneville Cartaret, Cherbourg / Tourlaville and Granville. Activities include sailing, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, scuba diving, wind surfing and land yachting.


A new swimming pool opened in Carentan in 2010 and gives good, local access for swimming. There is also a very good swimming pool / leisure centre in St-Lo which is about a 25 minute drive called Centre Aquatique du Pays Saint-Lois. It has excellent facilities including competition pool, pool for young children and a large leisure pool with covered slide. We will be happy to provide directions and opening times if requested.


Birdwatching :

For experienced and budding Ornithologists alike, La Manche is a twitchers paradise. Located in St-Come-du-Mont near Carentan, the Ponts d’Ouve Discovery area at the parks reception house is an essential place to visit.
You will find tourist information as well as exhibitions and activities concerning the parks’ natural and cultural heritage.
Outside there is a long stretch of water of a bird reserve with observatories allowing you to discover marsh birds in their natural enviroment.
For more information please visit: www.parc-conttentin-bessin.fr .

Rambling :

To help you to discover the “Carentan Marshlands”, nine paths have been opened up, some will take you into the bocage of uplands, others lead into the marsh and the low lying areas. A detailed guide can be purchased in the tourist office in Carentan.

Interpreted footpaths, walks, hikes and activities and tourist roads are also on offer in the region, for more information and brochures please contact:

Les Ponts d’Ouve
Espace de Decouverte
50500 Saint-Come-du-Mont

Further information on walks in the region can be found at www.franceonfoot.com .

Leisure Activities :


‘Circuit de la Manche’ Perron Guy
Rte de l'areodrome 2 Rte Joncs
50430 Lessay
50620 Montmartin en Graignes
0033 (0)233 077077 0033 (0)233 565883

You can find 10 pin bowling available at either St. Lo or Caen. The bowling in St Lo is excellent value and only 30 mins drive away. The bowling centre in Caen is a little further away and easy to find (just off the Périphérique). Information can be found at www.bowling-warmup.com .

Parachute / Bungee

Abalone parachutisme
40 R de L'aerodrome
50290 Breville Sur Mer

AJ Hackett Bungee
Viaduc de la Souleuvre
14350 La Ferrière Harang


If you fancy a go at Paintballing, centres can be found locally at Pirou or further afield in Caen.


Attractions Nearby 

* The superb beaches on both the north and west coast are less than 30 mins away and provide the ultimate open space and play area
* There are various Animal Parks and Zoo’s in the area
* Miniature train and village nearby
* Several swimming baths and leisure centres nearby
* Soft play centres in Caen - “Ouga Ouga” and “Giraffou”


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